Every day, the Communications Academy helps businesses face their communications challenges and opportunities in a timely, cost-effective way. We do it by working as a strategic partner — available for a single project or for ongoing assistance. The other thing we do — for every client, on every project — is stay clearly focused on the job at hand. While our work has won awards, we’re more concerned with helping to generate the action you need. Our work is clever — or can be when clever is what will do the job. But whatever approach is appropriate, it is always rooted in addressing the two key questions that lead to successful communication: who is your audience and what do you want them to walk away knowing or doing.

So, whether your internal staff is unavailable to create action-focused communications vehicles or your training staff needs help with specific types of employee development, we can help.

To show you how we’ve helped some clients, you’ll find samples attached to this website. Other, larger projects are best presented in other ways. We’re happy to share samples and provide case studies to match your needs.

Still, we hope you’ll take a few minutes to learn about what we’ve done for other clients – and what we have to offer you. Because you never know when you may need help getting your message just right.

Featured Project

“West Penn Hospital Annual Report”

Client: Barton, Denmarsh, Esteban

West Penn had made the decision to focus on people and put their financials in a pocket at the end of the report. The major sections involved interviewing people at all levels of the hospital from physicians to patient escorts to custodians to patients. Profiles with black and white portraits carried the story of the hospital's human focus.

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