Writing Services And Consulting

In today’s business world, more and more organizations are outsourcing their communications projects to either augment or replace an internal communications staff.

Some choose the traditional route of hiring an advertising or public relations agency to handle all of their needs. One problem with that approach is having to sign long-term contracts and pay monthly retainers as well as high per-project fees. Another is that the client is never sure who will work on their projects.

Other companies have taken a more contemporary approach: finding the right resource for a particular project. This choice eliminates the uncertainty that can come from choosing an agency. The most important benefit it provides is choosing the right resource for a particular project.

Assigning a project to us lets you choose between a complete package or à la carte services. We can do the writing or scripting. Or, by calling on our network of strategic partners, we can handle the project from start to finish – all without the overhead of maintaining staff for every need. Best of all, we do what our clients do – choose the best partner for each element of every project.

We do all of this while making sure that the message is defined and created to not only do the job but also to fit with your existing materials.


Our writing services cover all of your organization’s communication needs.

Annual Reports
Instruction Manuals
Print ads
Paycheck inserts

Employee Communication
Video scripting


Whether you need a script or a complete production package, we handle programs on a variety of subjects including:

Corporate Image
Employee Orientation
Continuing Management Education

Assessment and Selection
Television Commercials
How-to Programming

Our “direct billing” approach can help you get as much as 15-25% more for your media dollars. Contact us, we’ll tell you how we do it.


Whether your organization needs extra input on instructional design or communications planning, we can provide the objective viewpoint you need – and the strategic viewpoint to get your people and your materials working together.

Contact us for a no-cost, no-obligation discussion of your communications challenges and opportunities.